Why heroes are so important

Let me start off my saying that heroes, are a vital part of our society today. They are all over… In movies, cartoons, stories and the list goes on. But why is it that we, as a whole, feel like we must have heroes in our lives and be surrounded by them?

I decided to dig deeper to figure out what is the main drive for ordinary people to have heroes in their lives…

First thing I’ve looked into is the concept itself. Who they are, what it is they do and what’s the impact of their actions?

From what I can tell there are many kinds of heroes. For example the once in movies often times, especially these days, have superpowers. Yes, it’s unrealistic, but thinking deeper… What do their superpowers affect? The amount and scale of good they make happen for ordinary people and victims of villains and it also helps with all the movie effects.

What about the reality though? There are heroes in our every day lives who might be your family, friend or some random person off the street…

So, to answer the question of Who they are, it’s really anyone who steps up to the plate. Any person who feels strongly about one thing or another, and many times it even feels like they do have a superpower, because of the way they act.

The evil, in many cases isn’t even necessary, because a hero can simply be someone you look up to and try to mimic because you feel like they are the role model for you.

Now that the Who is answered, I’d like to go into the What it is they they do…

A hero, is a person who performs acts that seems supernatural and unreal to normal people. A mother of 5 can often times be a hero because of the way she handles her kids and takes care of them all at the same time or a husband who works 90 hours a week trying to provide for his family.

There is a hero worth talking about right here in VA Beach. His name is Paul.

I’ve personally met Paul and his wife at a family retreat two weeks ago. They weren’t the most talkative people, but after a couple of drinks at the bar, the conversation got going.

Paul, who is ex Marine, currently pulls 12 hour shifts, 6 days a week doing the finest asphalt paving Virginia Beach has to offer. His motivation is his wife, Scarlett and two boys Dale and Brandon who are currently in middle school.

I was amazed by how kind and deep Paul was as a person even though he’s been through both Iraq and Afghanistan. He told me a couple of stories from back when he was a marine, serving in a war zone… This man has been through a lot, but the thing he regretted the most, was missing precious moments with his family.

People like Paul are a true inspiration and are the true definition of being a hero.

This is part one of Why heroes are so important, so stay tuned for part two…